Get Involved! Volunteer at the Little Guild!

Get Involved! Volunteer at the Little Guild!

We rely on volunteers to help us reach our potential.

Their contributions:

  • help keep our operation moving;
  • free up our staff to focus on training, working with and adopting out our animals;
  • help us stimulate, socialize and mentally and physically exhaust our dogs and cats, which is the secret to keeping them happy and preventing the deterioration that can happen in a shelter environment
  • enable us to save more animals, confident we have a team able to care for them when we are operating at capacity.

January 2016 marked the reinvigoration of our volunteer program. We want to engage more members of the community in advancing our mission – and we are.

So far this year, approximately 25 new dog walkers have gone through our dog walker training and are regularly spending time with our dogs. With all the new dogs we have welcomed this year, the additional help has been invaluable to their adjustment.

Several students from area schools have been come in to help with various shelter-wide chores as well as walking dogs and playing with cats.

How You Can Get Involved.
We have a wide range of opportunities, including:

  • walking dogs
  • socializing cats
  • doing laundry (you would be amazed how many sheets, towels and blankets we go through in a day!)
  • working the front desk work
  • other assorted cleaning and organizing tasks.
If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out an application [can we link to it?]. We will contact you to set up a time to come in.
Volunteers have the option of arranging a regular schedule for volunteering, or just stopping in as time permits.


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