Addressing the Issues of Feral Cats

Addressing the Issues of Feral Cats
Providing Shelter
Feral cats need help to survive New England winters.
In the fall of 2015, the Little Guild had our first ever feral/outdoor cat shelter-building event.
With enormous help from community volunteers, we were able to build and distribute more than 100 cat shelters to help keep feral and stray cats warm and safe over the harsh winter months.
Addressing Overpopulation
One cat can have up to 100 kittens in her lifetime. Feral cat populations can explode overnight, making it difficult for them to survive.
The Little Guild recently launched our first-ever trap-neuter-return (TNR) program. We have trapped, neutered and returned feral cats in two Cornwall barns.
The process involves:
  • humanely trapping the entire colony of cats;
  • bringing them for veterinary care including altering, ear tipping (a painless surgical procedure where a small part of the ear tip is removed to denote that the cat has been altered) and the first round of vaccinations; and
  • returning them to their colonies with a designated caretaker to feed and look after the cats.  This allows the cats to live out the rest of their lives without further procreation.

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