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Foster Needed for Mom and 5 Babies!

Foster Needed for Mom and 5 Babies!

UPDATE 5/8: We came in to work on Mother’s Day to find that Maggie had delivered all 5 of her babies! We still are looking for a foster for her and her little ones.



We are desperate to find a foster for our girl, Maggie May.

Maggie May is VERY pregnant and her puppies will be born within the next couple weeks so time is of the essence! She got x-rays done and it appears that she will be having 5 babies!

Maggie May has also been diagnosed with heart-worm so it is extremely important for her foster home to be quiet, calming, and pet-free. We are looking for a foster that can make the commitment to take her in (hopefully before she goes into labor) and keep her and the puppies until they reach 8 weeks and are ready for adoption. Little Guild covers all the costs, you supply a loving home!


Here is what one of our awesome fosters had to say about her fostering experience:

“Working with The Little Guild of St. Francis has been such a positive and rewarding experience for me and my family. They have been extremely professional, supportive and helpful. They are always available to answer any of my questions or provide their advice when necessary. Their dedication to rescue and daily hard work is clearly evident. I would strongly recommend this rescue to anyone interested in volunteering, fostering or adopting an animal.”


Maggie’s Maternity Photoshoot

Please share with your friends, coworkers, and family members to help find Maggie May a foster home and QUICK!


Click here to fill out a foster application for Maggie May!



Foster Needed for Pregnant Yellow Lab

Foster Needed for Pregnant Yellow Lab


UPDATE 4/4: We have found a foster. Thank you for all of your help!


We are currently in search for an experienced foster who can help a pregnant yellow lab deliver her babies into this world. This commitment will takeĀ a minimum of 8 weeks and will require that the foster take care of the mother and puppies until they are ready for adoption. All expenses are paid for by the Little Guild.

That is all the information we have at this time.


If you are interested you may fill out a foster application online at or email with any questions you may have!

At this time we are NOT accepting applications on the mother or her puppies and any applications received will be disregarded.

Click Here to fill out a Foster Application!




Pancake is still looking for a place to call home!

Pancake is still looking for a place to call home!

About a year ago we shared one of our longest cat residents on our Facebook page. Her name was Blanca and she was incredibly sweet but unfortunately just never got picked by a family because she required medication. She had over 500 shares and hours later the applications started to roll in. She found her happy ending days later when her family came in to meet her and fell in love.

Currently our longest cat resident is named Pancake. He is a healthy, lovable, 7 year-old male and has been with us since August 2015. We are hoping he can soon find the same happy ending that Blanca had found!

You can watch a video of Pancake here:


Click Here to fill out an Application for Pancake!



World Spay Day

World Spay Day

Today is World Spay Day! This international event is sponsored by The Humane Society to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering pets. Today we are launching an ambitious fundraising effort – to raise $10,000 by March 31, 2016 to support building a feral cat enclosure at The Guild.

In 2015 we provided trap-neuter-release (TNR) support to dozens of cats in Northwest Connecticut, partnering with two barns where we currently manage colonies of community cats.

We have plans to expand our TNR efforts and to continue to raise awareness about ways you can support cats living in the community. A feral cat enclosure will allow us to safely house community cats either temporarily or forever while serving as an important educational tool for the community to learn more about helping our feral friends. We will be posting lots more about TNR, including a workshop on how you can help community cats during the month of March.

Until then, please check out our Giving Grid

And give as generously as you can!

Thanks in advance for your support!

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