Sponsor a Pet Program

Sponsoring an animal allows your gift to directly impact a specific animal.  There are many cases where an animal in our care needs extra support — surgery, treatment for a chronic illness or other specialized care.  A sponsorship donation supports our mission as well as the well-being of the animal.

Sponsoring an animal makes a great gift — just select the animal you would like to sponsor, and send us the name and address of the person you are making the gift in honor of.  We will send them a personalized note telling them about the dog or cat.

Mistletoe’s Story

Mistletoe (formerly named Lucky) was surrendered to the Little Guild as a 16-day-old puppy by his former owners when he contracted pneumonia. Mistletoe spent 48 hours in the ICU in an oxygen chamber, on a nebulizer and antibiotics, before being released to a very experienced medical foster. He is still on medication and needs to be bottle-fed ever 2 hours, but is doing very well! If you have any questions about Mistletoe please email littleguild.email@gmail.com and if you would like to donate to contribute to his care, please click here 




Dozer’s Story

Dozer came to us from a shelter in Tennessee. Upon his intake exam, our vet made a discovery; Dozer had luxating patellas in both of his knees. The Little Guild immediately made a plan for him to get the medical care that he would need. He has now had surgery on one knee and is in physical therapy to regain his strength. Once his veterinary team is satisfied with his progress on his first knee, he will undergo a second surgery to repair his other knee. The Little Guild is committed to paying for all of Dozer’s medical care, but he is also looking for either a foster or forever home in the meantime! If you are interested in learning more about Dozer, please email littleguild.email@gmail.com or click “Donate” to donate to his care!


Special Needs Animals

Although all of the animals in Little Guild’s care are special, once in a while we rescue a “special needs” cat or dog. They have some sort of physical, emotional or other type of disability. Some are just shy with strangers. Others have chronic, but minor health problems. Some are a few years old. Some are disabled through injuries or abuse. Some have special dietary or medical needs. Some need help getting around, extra medicines, or a home that has no other pets or children. We make every effort to find the most perfect, loving, new home for them. It is our special needs animals that have additional obstacles blocking their paths to happiness. To learn more about some of the special needs animals in our care, including those who are in need of a foster home, please contact our Shelter Manager, Brianna at 860-672-6346 or littleguild.email@gmail.com